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PTFE+25%Carbon - teflon carbon filled

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Other material names PTFE+25%Carbon: Murflor+carbon
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Carbon filled PTFE is primarily used in applications where higher thermal or electrical conductivity is required, over and above conventional PTFE. This grade also exhibits improved wear life and has very good compression properties, for loading applications. Carbon filled PTFE has good abrasion resistance, load bearing, wear and frictional properties under sliding conditions, ranging from dry to fully lubricated systems.

Color of material: 
Typical applications: 
  • dynamic applications at high speed, as the thermal conductivity decreases the wear of the material resulting from heat buildup.
  • seal rings, piston rings and compressor rings.
  • higher load gasketing applications
  • carbon is one of the best fillers to use in water applications.
The material is used in: 
Beverage industry
Chemical industry
Packaging industry
Engineering industry
Steel industry
  • Chemically inert to all known industrial chemicals;
  • Low co-efficient of friction, non-stick & non-toxic;
  • Wide temperature range (-260°C to +260 °C);
  • Exhibits excellent permeation resistance;
  • Excellent dielectric properties;
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Production only on request
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