Electrical insulation materials

Kartit - HP 2061

Boards made of cellulose paper as reinforcement and modified phenolic - phenol - formaldehyde resin as binder. High electrical and mechanical strength.

Textit - Hgw 2082

Structural and electroinsulating material - cotton fabric as reinforcement and phenolic resin as binder. The material has excellent mechanical and electrical insulating properties, good workability and resistance to water, oils, petrol and weak acids. Suitable material for high pressure components.

Textit – Hgw 2082.5

Use as HGW 2082 - however, it has increased resistance to cleavage and breakdown voltage, better electrical strength and resistance in humid environments. It is also used as an electrical insulating construction material with resistance to mechanical load.

Sklotextit G10 - Hgw 2372

Laminated material in the form of plates and rods. It is made of modified glass fabric as reinforcement and epoxy resole resin. Good mechanical and electrical insulation properties, high climatic resistance. It is used for the manufacture of components with good mechanical and electrical properties, for electrical equipment operating at higher temperatures or in humid environments.