Glass-fiber foils

CHEMFAB® designs and manufactures an extensive range of high performance industrial and dryer belts for many industries. Production belts for conveying and drying processes are designed for applications that require superior release characteristics, dimensional and thermal stability and the dynamic strength to stand up to the most rigorous operating conditions. They are engineered to combine the mechanical properties of woven fabrics with the outstanding chemical resistance of the PTFE coating or with lamination of multi-layer cast PTFE-films.
Chemstik Adhesive Tapes contain non-sticky PTFE surfaces and high temperature resistant adhesives that allow for easy release, while ensuring excellent mechanical strength and dimensional stability. Chemstik Adhesive Tapes are the product of choice where there is a requirement for continuous and efficient processing, providing superior initial tack, excellent bonding strength and long lasting performance at high temperatures (up to 500˚F / 260˚C).


Key advantages:

  • Excellent release “Non-Stick”
  • Low friction
  • Extreme temperature resistance (-150º to +260ºC)
  • Lower energy usage and thermal mass
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Dynamic Strength and flexibility
  • Dimensional stability
  • Non-toxic
  • Lighter weight machinery
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Suitable for use in food processing



Family of flexible, non-porous laminated composites that combine the features of multi-layer fluoropolymer cast films with the mechanical properties of fibreglass-reinforced fabrics. Chemstik ncorporates these features with a high performance, silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive system for use in many demanding high temperature environments.



s a silicone rubber coated glass fabric. It has
excellent release properties and retains its strength and flexibility even after prolonged exposure to high temperature. The product has a white coating. Chemsil is most commonly used for curtains at the entrance to heat shrink tunnels and for general belting applications.

CHR Adhesive Tapes

CHR pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are specialized for extreme conditions. CHR Tapes are produced with a variety of substrates including fluoropolymers, polyimide, glass fabrics, foils, and polyester combined with acrylic, silicone, natural rubber and proprietary adhesive systems. CHR Tapes are specialized for demanding applications in industrial, energy, aerospace, electronics and commercial applications.  

  CHR Foils