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POM-C - polyacetal copolymer

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Other material names POM-C: Polyacetal, Polyoxymethylene, Polyformaldehyde
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POM-C is a unique balance of physical properties not available in most other thermoplastics. This copolymer acetal is an engineering plastic made for wide-ranging universal applications in many different industries. The key performance characteristics of unmodified POM-C include high mechanical strength and rigidity, excellent wear, low moisture absorption and excellent dimensional stability. Unfilled POM-C copolymer offers high crystallinity and a good degree of toughness (even in the lower temperature range), combined with good chemical resistance.


Color of material: 
Typical applications: 
  • gears
  • rollers
  • electrical test part with dozens of tight tolerance machined holes
  • guide rollers
The material is used in: 
Food industry
Electrotechnical industry
Automobile industry
Packaging industry
Dairy industry
Meat processing industry
Engineering industry
Production of single-purpose machines
  • high strength
  • resistent to cleaning agents
  • stiff
  • high toughness
  • very good electrical insulation
  • good machinability
  • good slide and wear properties
  • difficult to bond
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Group of materials POM:

Some trade names of the material
Celcon® M25
Tecaform® AH, Ensital®
Murytal® C
Ertacetal® C
Zelamid® 900
Trade names unprotected reg. mark: 
Polyacetal, Polyoxymethylene, Polyformaldehyde