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PA66+GF30 - polyamide 66 glass fiber reinforced

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Other material names PA66+GF30: Nylon 6/6 glass fiber reinforced
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PA66+GF30 is a 30 % glass fibre reinforced PA66. It demonstrates outstanding mechanical properties such as higher strength, rigidity, creep strength and dimensional stability. Compared to unreinforced PA66, the properties of this glass filled modification GF30 make this material suitable for use in parts that are exposed to high static loads over long periods in high temperature conditions. As glass fibres tend in some cases to have a marked abrasive effect on mating surfaces, PA66+GF30 is less suitable for sliding applications.

Color of material: 
Typical applications: 
  • Highly loaded structural elements
  • Abrasion-resistant and dimensionally stable machine components
  • Pulleys
The material is used in: 
Electrotechnical industry
Automobile industry
Engineering industry
Paper industry
Production of single-purpose machines
  • very high stiffness
  • resistant to many oils, greases and fuels
  • good wear properties
  • very high strength
  • high dimensional stability
  • good weldable and bondable
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Group of materials Polyamide:

Some trade names of the material
Celstran® PA66-GF30
Tecamid® 66 GF30
Murylon® A black+GF
Sustamid® 66 GF 30
Zellamid® 250 GF 30
Trade names unprotected reg. mark: 
Nylon 6/6 glass fiber reinforced